To get paid for your unwanted games, cards, figures and more - follow the steps below:

Sell to Us: Step by Step

Icon for review1. Prepare Your Product(s)

Get all the items that you wish to sell to us together. Please clean them of any debris or any other distracting elements that may be attached to the products.

Icon for emailStep 2: Record and Photograph Your Items, Personal Information

Record an itemized list of all of the items that you are looking to sell. In this list please include:

  • Item Name
  • Type of Item (Pokemon Card, Video Game System etc.)
  • Condition (Light Played, Scratched etc.)
  • Any additional notes that you feel feel may be relevant to a prospective buyer.
  • Detailed photographs of each item from several angles, front and back (min. 4 photos per item)

The more thorough you are with this step, the more accurate our preliminary offer will be to our final offer.

In order to sell to us, you must also include a front and back image of one of the following forms of identity:

  • Driver's License
  • Government ID
  • Passport
  • Other ID that displays your Name, Address and DOB

Once you've finished, send it to us using the email address below and wait for our response! (typically 3-5 business days)

Icon for verifiedStep 3: Preliminary Offer & Final Verification

Once you've received our preliminary offer, let us know if you'd like to accept (the offer stands for up to 7 calendar days, or until the product fluctuates in price by over 5%)

If you agree to our preliminary offer, we'll then send you a shipping label to ship us your products. Please take care in packaging the items.

Once we receive the items, we will then verify their condition and authenticity and send you our final offer. If the described condition stands, this offer will be the same as our preliminary offer.

Icon for coinStep 4: Get Paid!

After receiving our final offer (which may or may not be the same as our preliminary offer) let us know your determination.

If you agree, we will then share with you details for you to receive payment for your products!

DISCLAIMER | Read Before Selling

By using this service to sell collectible items, you confirm and represent that you are the legal owner of said items, and that they are not stolen or otherwise obtained in an unlawful manner. We at Collector's Club do not accept or condone the sale of stolen property and it is against our policy to engage in such transactions.

If we suspect or have reason to believe that any items submitted to us have been stolen, misrepresented, or obtained in any illegitimate manner, we reserve the right to refuse the transaction and report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

Furthermore, we may pursue all remedies available to us under the law, should we become involved in any disputes or legal issues arising from transactions involving stolen or falsely represented goods. This may include, but is not limited to, cooperating fully with law enforcement agencies, providing any necessary information to aid in their investigation, and seeking damages for any harm or loss we may have suffered.

Any submission of items for sale to us indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions, your acknowledgment of your legal rights and obligations, and your agreement to cooperate fully with any resulting investigations or legal actions.

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